Special Chemicals

DKSH is your leading global distributor of innovative specialty chemicals and formulations. Our functional products enhance your product performance and have a wide range of applications across multiple market segments. For applications including paint, coating, ink, polymer, engineering plastic, adhesive, rubber, agrochemical, petrochemical, packaging, graphic, technical film and other specialties, you can benefit from our product portfolio

Our range of tailored value-added services can support you to increase your market potential. From regulatory support and consulting to sourcing new and hard-to-find ingredients; from innovation and formulation capabilities to marketing intelligence solutions – you can gain from our integrated one-stop approach.

Paper and Bristles

Pigments for special effects: fluorescent, photoluminescent, soft-touch

Paint AND Coatings

TiO2 Carbon black

Ink and Lamination

Acrylics Catalysts, crosslinkers, curing agents and hardene


Registering products and ongoing consultancy

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17 October 2018

Food and Bervages

Food and beverage services or F&B service is a professional industry that includes restaurants, bars, cafeterias, canteens, food courts and other food-based hospitality businesses

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17 October 2018

Personal Care Ingredients

Personal care ingredients are raw materials used to manufacture skin care products and essentials. Growing consumer awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals

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17 October 2018

Inbound Logistics

Inbound logistics is the way materials and other goods are brought into a company. This process includes the steps to order, receive, store, transport and manage incoming supplies

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